There is no god

The Basics:

My stance on God is in three parts:

1. Atheism: I am not convinced that a god exists. I am atheist to all gods in general.

2. Methodological Anti-Theism: the specific gods presented do not exist.

3. Moral Anti-Theism: I will not worship an evil god, even if it is proven to exist.

For atheism, there is no burden of proof on my end since it is simply me not being convinced of theism for the claims of theism have not met their burden of proof. …

Anti-LGBT religion doesn’t have an extremism problem, it is an extremism problem.

Why does anti-gay religion poison all that it touches? Why does it seed so many tumors that spread as malignant cancers? Because religious-fundamentalism and biblical literalism is inherently toxic and evil. It is no coincidence that the leaders of the most anti-gay churches and groups sleep with despots such as Putin: they are perfect matches for each other.

There are several basic key elements of their toxicity: first: God’s chosen people plus the in/out group bias. Second, absolute obedience to absolute authority and absolute doctrine. Third, discrimination prejudice…

Why Arguments for the Existence of God Suck

All arguments for the existence of god come down to four categories: causal arguments, fine circular arguments, moral and emotional arguments, and personal experience arguments. Some arguments can be combined with elements or even entire syllogisms from the others. These arguments come in different forms, such as the cosmological argument having many forms. But no matter which form is chosen, the flaws are all the same with circular argument and argument from ignorance being the most common.

Causal Arguments (cosmological, design, fine-tuning etc):

The universe cannot come from nothing like in the…

Doing what is right, no matter what one is told.

Fact 1: Religious Morality Causes Evil

· These are just some of the atrocities that have happened in the name of Abrahamic religions, and some of these are happening at the time of typing:

· Gays, witches, and other races and ethnicities were enslaved and murdered in the name of God according to the old-testament.

· Roman emperors forced Christianity on their subject under terrible penalty.

· Later rulers forced Christianity upon others and subjects via torture and death.

· Gays and those suspected of “witchcraft” were executed by burning…

The art of making excuses and selling snake oil

Apologetics is the art of defending a position. It does not mandate that position to be honest, true, or good. Is it no surprise that apologists constantly use dishonest tactics on purpose, such as presuppositional TAG-type arguments to shift the burden of proof, strawman positions of science, and gish-gallops?

Apologetics is the art of making excuses to sell lies and snake oil, no matter the harm or deception involved, in order to sell books and gain tithes and votes for their churches. …

LOL. Looks like I struck a nerve and triggered you. I guess if someone kills your wife or someone you care about, I can come back at you and say "Well, it's in the past, its history, it's the way things were. They are dead so who cares". XDDDDD

I have read the bible, and I have re-read it many times trying to become a Christian again. The thing is, all of those books are just excuses for why such evils are in the bible to start with, and I got tired of making excuses for them and for this god.

There is nothing that can justify owning another human being as property. Slavery was, is, and always will be grossly immoral.

There is nothing that can justify killing entire races of people just for being different. Genocide was, is, and always will be grossly immoral.

There is nothing…

People leaving the pews is music to my ears

There is a silver lining in all of this: religion is dropping, and young Americans are leaving churches in droves. So why are so many leaving? I can tell you why so many of my generation are leaving. So, if you really want the truth as to why you are losing members, here it is.

It’s because we don’t like being lied to: these anti-LGBT churches sell us lie after lie, and that proves to us that they do not care about us. They said that LGBT people are the ones…

Why I left religion, became a skeptic, and how I evaluate evidence

Important Note: This article was written specifically concerning anti-LGBT religions and faith. The vast majority of what is written here does not pertain to LGBT-friendly religions; though I still advise that one reads with caution.

Back Story

Religion indoctrinated me at a young age with the following worldview:

· The bible is the inerrant and infallible word of god and source of absolute truth and morality.

· LGBT people have a sinister agenda and atheists are out to take our rights.

· Us Christians are holy, saints, and persecuted for…

"And thats a problem. A serious problem".

Oh really, you think?

If people get their morals from a book of genocide, slavery, incest, child abuse, and murder; they will commit genocide, slavery, incest, child abuse, and murder.

Maybe people should stop believing in a book and a god of genocide, slavery, incest, child abuse, and murder; and stop making p*ss poor excuses like this article for this horrible book and evil god. That would fix a lot of problems. I didn't have to graduate from Lincoln Highschool to know that.

"Oh the people of Isreal were chosen by god". So…

Robert Williams

A Proud homosexual trans-ally, supporting tolerance and love.

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