Why Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs are Intrinsically Toxic — Pt2

To maintain this power and control, these bigots use conspiracy theories and willful ignorance. In the church you will find many conspiracy theories such as “atheists are attacking our religion!”, “the gays/trans have an agenda to sexualize indoctrinate our kids!”, and “scientists are trying to hide evidence of evolution!”, and “PC culture is trying to attack free speech, they are cancel culture”.

First, this all ironic because these bigots are playing right out of Hitler’s playbook: accuse the other side of that which you are guilty. First, these pigs routinely try to erase indigenous religions and force their religions down people’s throats; and thus it is they who are hostile to other religions.

Second, they are the ones who strap kids to chairs and touch them inappropriately in an effort to “cure” them. It is these bigots who’s beliefs rely on indoctrination and absolute obedience to absolute authority and doctrine.

Third, their apologists have statements of faith where they declare that they will ignore any evidence against creationism and presuppose that creationism is true; whereas actual scientists only become famous and well known if they disprove existing theories and ideas.

Also, they take a claim right from the nazis and claim that us LGBTQ people are destroying the moral fabric of society when it is really their trumpsim, racism, and bigotry that has done that. Hell, it wasn’t queers that stormed the capital to try and overturn a fair election!!!

Lastly, fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christians have perfected cancel culture, they just don’t like it when it is used against them to cancel them from canceling the lives and rights of others. As was pointed out earlier, fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christians sleep with tyrants in places such as Russia, Poland, Ghana, and other places to stop LGBTQ people from organizing, having Pride parades, and advocating for their rights.

Anti-gay evangelicals are the kings of censorship

Most of the books banned in schools are queer books banned by fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christians, and fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christians from the Mormon church have banned school lessons about LGBTQ people. Fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christians seek to ban sexual expression and porn under the guise of “protecting children from sex-abuse”, ironic given what they do to children who are queer.

Fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christianity is one the largest sex-abuse rings by conversion therapy alone, claiming the lives and safety of tens of thousands of kids a year in the United States alone.

Fundamentalist anti-LGBTQ Christians also seek laws that allow LGBTQ people to be fired, denied service, denied medical care, denied insurance etc. just for being themselves. They are so didactic and so cancel-culture that they are even going after transgender kids in sports and schools. They have even gone after cartoons and TV shows for being “too gay”.

“One Million Moms”, a group that actually consists of a few people, is calling for Boycotts of American Girl doll over a “LGBTQ storyline” according to the Christian Post. The Christian Post also defends COVID-19 conspiracy theories by claiming Facebook’s efforts to stop the spread of conspiracy theories as “censorship”; and also reports that, in another story, thousands of right-wing Christians are trying to cancel Cadbury candies over a single gay kiss. In fact, All the Christian Post and “One Million Moms” ever try to do is censor and cancel things that are LGBTQ-friendly.

Hell, their churches are massive safe-spaces where only politically correct opinions that line up with their beliefs are allowed! What would happen if a Satanist started preaching in the middle of their church, or if a member becomes too queer-friendly? They are shunned and canceled. They even tried to cancel a TV show about a gay Jesus.

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